Hunting trip in South Africa with Browning Europe: The Maral.

Last May, during the Italian hunting fair Caccia Village in Umbria, I had the onor to be elected as the Italian Alps Brand Ambassador for the big firearms Company Browning Europe.

After the fair, Browning has given me my first hunting mission: flying in South Africa with the new Maral straight pull rifle and being protagonist of my first video safari: shooting tree different antelopes in company of an unknown hunting PH.

Here you can find some words about my rifle, which is the fastest bolt action I ever used.
“Pull and let go” is the phrase I adopted to call the Maral straight pull rifle while I was in Africa, a rifle which has been developed by Browning from Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR).
In the Italian side of the Magic Alps, where I practice a selected hunt to the so-called “ungulati” or hoofed animals, imposed regulation gives many restrictions on semi autos, so my “pull and let go” Maral got ahead of the curve and adapted the gas driven action of the BAR.

The rifle I tried was a 308, short and compact and weighs more or less 7.00 bs: no fair belt in the shoulder!!
Very important fact because the “Pull and let go” Maral rifle was created for raining down a hail of bullets in rapid succession so to add a high rate of fire to a moderate weight rifle means the user is in for a potentially bruising encounter. That said the rifle is well balanced and surprisingly manageable, furthermore for those slight in frame thicker recoil pads can be purchased if required.

Let me also tell you that the upsides of my Maral come in the form of the iron sites so whilst optics can be fitted.
This is another point I simply loved from my “Pull and let go” baby because I personally found this system extremely well positioned for fast target acquisition the open sites, designed in the fashion of a ramp with high vis’ dots.

My “Pull and let go” Maral was sent to me with the butt removed in a compact compartmentalised carry case which with no doubt, appeal to me, as I’m an huntress that loves to travel.
So, in the end, the Maral is very much designed as a tool for rapid fire at short to moderate distances. As a tool, it is highly effective. For this reason there is no doubt for my young age and fresh experience, for driven hunting, the “pool and let go” Maral is one of the most functional, fit for purpose rifles on the market today.


Do you want to know more about my hunting trip in Africa for Browning Europe? Than keep following me! Yes, because in the next few articles I will tell you all about the magic adventures I lived there!

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