You will never forget your first Safari in Africa… Trip’s introduction

I left my house to reach Milano airport in a cold Autumn’s day while it was deeply snowing in La Thuile , my small village in the Magic Alps.

I was so excited about the new adventure I was going to live, sponsored by Browning Europe , a titan of  weapon-making industry I’m the Italian Alps Ambassador and not at all worried about being in company of unknown travelers. I love adventures and I’m used to travel by myself around the world since the age of 14 years old; lucky me, since today I always find on my road good and trustable people.

I remember that, on my way to the the airport, my thoughts were light.


-Tanya, my brother’s girlfriend, during our trip to the airport, took a picture of me while I was watching the snow-covered pines-

I also remember I posted on my Instagram account a thought on the 14th of October 2016:

“Here I am again, with my suitcases piled on the floor. Yes, another long way to go is waiting for me, and of course it’s ok because, at the end of the day for me, making experiences means always decide which road to follow… and so mine: to travel as much as I can with not always a special purpose if not the one to follow my passions and learn something on the way, as life, and people I’ll find on the road, will definitely teach me something.

So I’m leaving my house with a mild heart, like a balloon, letting myself to be carried by the wind, only trusting on chance events.

I’m always saying: “Let’s go,” and I don’t even know why!

My desires often take the shape of clouds … and I know that the best is not somewhere, the best is a state of mind.”

…and yes, what I learned during this trip is much deeper of a simple hunting’s journey!


This article won’t be a chronicle of my adventure trip, as I’m not here writing a travel story and than, also because most of the things that happened there MUST DEFINITELY STAY THERE and be shared only with whom has lived the experience with me.

This won’t even be a “what to do list” or “Tips to hunt in South Africa” style of article, because my intention is just to talk about my feelings and emotions during this hunt and what I learned about the South African hunting culture.


So, keep on following me!



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