You will never forget your first Safari in Africa… Feelings & Sensations

Ok, lets go!

I must say that I’ve been very impressed about South African multiple landscapes and environment: we moved by car from Eastern to Western Cape, starting and ending our trip from the beautiful, multiethnic and nautical Port Elisabeth to reach the Janseville Area, than Beaufort West, Murraysburg, the Karoo, the Kruger National Park, Grahamstown, the Addo National Park, and the most remarkable visual aspect during our road trip was how Nature colors and landscapes were fast changing: from immense green round cultivated lands to strong yellow flowers cultivations, reaching than, steep grey rocks in the middle of nothing, white sand deserts and wild baboon all around and immediately after, red or purple topsoils surrounding secret little lakes…


Also true is that, in every different place we visited, I was feeling the climate changing, the humidity level was deeply variable from a place to another, in every spot and also in every moment of the day…  not very easy to know what to wear in such a situation of fast changing!


A very interesting and, in a certain way, impressing aspect of this hunting trip, was to discover such different lifestyles and daily rhythms of people. Swings were determinate by different social classes, different skin colors and different places.


           We used to wake up early every morning, (except when we were drinking whiskey around the fireplace at night… ) so we used to go along with the very first daily lights. This is one of the aspects of the trip that was never changing: sunrises were magics, the golden light we found at 5 AM were the same everywhere.

2016-10-21 18.36.09

Matteo Sandrini’s Picture

Images and sensations I felt during some South African sunrises took me in another dimension, full of joy and pure love. I lost myself there to find another me, free from all prejudgments and lies, quintessential of our society.


Inexplicable than was also the mix of sensations I felt when we used to penetrate all the Parks, looking for our wild animals, we were of course giving a lot of attention in hope of seeing the famous Big Five: Elephant, Lyon, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo but also our thoughts were on the animals objects of our hunt. Here I discovered the most disparate races of antelopes, from the funniest to de most elegant. We saw so many different animals and so many plants, amazing landscapes during night time or daytime, weather was fast changing from very cold to very hot.

_DSC6911 web

Gabriele Mencaroni’s Picture

The search was so absorbing us that we improved our view capacity, I discovered there a completely different way to observe and search for animals than the one I used to practice on my hunts in the Italian Alps, no better or worse, just completely different.


Life we used to live in the Lodge was quiet and incentrate to relax, a full contact with Nature. We soon developed a primordial contact with all the environment, with sounds, smells and with what we were seeing: the animals and their routine, hundreds of years hold plants, trees, flowers, cactus… all my feelings were deep into Nature.


Everything was always so quiet: in the morning, while the sun was still peaking over the horizon, and than, when the sun was shining high in the sky. During the hottest hours of the day I was watching the creatures of the savannah moving in search of cool shelter, trying to escape from the burning sun.

The magic of life in wildlife.

2016-10-30 09.56.34.jpg

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