Do you like MEAT?!

Hey my Dear,
can I ask you something?

Do you like meat?
You know, I do and I must say: I LOVE IT!

Here the reason why I want you: carnivore, vegetarian or vegan, to remember that

Being an hunter is more than just killing animals, actually, being an hunter is respecting ourself as an human carnivore and respect animals killing them while they are in wildlife.

Have you ever asked yourself:
where the beautiful, cheap and pink ham you buy at the supermarket comes from?

Pretty sure it's not coming from a wild ranch or farm, quite the contrary: it comes from a mass production livestock of animals, where living things are nourished by animal feed and growth hormones.

So.. are you still judging me wile I'm eating the most biological meat in the world wile hunting it by myself?

Love me or hate me, you choose.

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